Rainbow Bridge


~ My first mastiff ~

Marvels Sun Lion Of Redgate

aka ~ Sunny


My foundation dog... Grizz.


Britestars Redgate Crusader

aka ~ Grizz

* * * * *

Grizz' sister and another one of my original girls...

Another one of my original girls Haley.

Britestars Redgate Mikhaila

aka ~ Haley

Baby ~ One of my foundation bitches...



Champion Rocksolids Haven of Redgate

aka ~ Baby

* * * * *

and her daughters...



Champion Redgates Brilliant Disguise

aka ~ Bailey


Champion Newgates Unforgettable

aka ~ Zsa Zsa

Owned and Loved by Kaurie Jones ~ Newgate Mastiffs


and their brothers...



Redgates Emperors' Waltz

aka ~ Buddha

Still breaks my heart....


Redgates Phantom Menice


Budda's Son * Grizzs' Grandson


International American Champion

Redgates Command Performance

* * * * *

Tonis' sister Annie


Champion Redgate Hudsons Anastasia

aka ~ Annie 

Who lived to 12 years old...

* * * * *

Annies daughter Fancy

Champion Redgates Fine China

aka "Fancy"

February 8th, 2013

and below Fancy's daughter

and Maestro and Annies Grand-daughter...

The beautiful ~Scissors

Redgates Running With Scissors

aka ~ Scissors

January 8th, 2012

Maestro X Annie's daughter


Fancy's sister Angel

Champion Redgates Queen Annes Lace

April 4th, 2013


Three more of Annies Sons and another of Annies Daughters...



Redgates Meant To Be

aka ~ Dante

Owned and Loved by Dr Jeanne Manser

Malvern Pennsylvannia


and his littermate...


* * * *

Redgates Tanker

owned by Karin and Jamie White




Champion Redgates Lord Of The Ring

aka Odin

Owned and Loved by the Batty Family of Connecticut


and Annies Daughter and Odins Littermate

Redgates The Sun Also Rises

aka Brett

Owned and Loved by the Eckert Family of Connecticut.


"Rosie" ~ Another one of my foundation bitches...



Majestiks Rahzell of Redgate

aka ~ Rosie


* * * * *

and some of her kids...

Champion Redgates Britannia

aka ~ Toni ~ Who lived to 10 years old.

Toni's daughter Secret and Grand daughter Folly

Tonis' son Rudy
Tonis' Granddaughter Pebbles

Champion Redgates Tower Of Strength

aka Rudy


Owned and Loved by the Eckert Family of Connecticut.



* * * * *

Toni's sister Champaign

Redgates Champagne Wishes

aka ~ Champaign

* * * * *

Tonis' brother Joe Joe

and Joes' son Armoni...








Champion Redgates Big Country McLeod

aka ~ Joe Joe

Who lived to almost 10 years old.


Tonis daughter Sky and Grand-daughter Pebbles


Redgates Quiet Sky


her daughter Pebbles

Sky's daughter


Tonis' Granddaughter

Redgates So Enchanting

aka Pebbles

The beautiful Raven

who is mother or Grandmother

to everyone at the farm now.

Champion Redgates Rave Review

Rest In Peace my beautiful ~ "Raven"

March 1st, 2013