Welcome to Princes Page...

aka Goliath :-)

Redgates Heir To The Throne


to the Slaughter Family of

Thornton Colorado!


Out for his daily walks around the park...

At 9 months old, Prince is growing up and looking good.

Prince and Josie enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the Slaughters backyard...


Prince has a new best friend.... Kyle :-)

I think they will be a hit at Halloween!

Look into my eyes....


Snapped this picture through the window on January 30th, 2012.

He's going to be a tall one, at 6 1/2 months old

he already stands a couple of inches taller

than his mom, Jewel.  He weighs approximately 125 pounds.


Redgates Heir To The Throne

Prince is turning into quite the "Looker".

I can already see Grandpa's Maestro and Joe Joe

in there looking back...

Prince being stacked by Rebecca Galmish of Hallmark Mastiffs

at approximately 3 1/2 months old.

Ruby felt free to supervise the photo shoot...

Baby Prince at 8 weeks.