My Big Summer Project!

* * * * *

After gutting the down stairs right down to the studs. 

New insulation, drywall, tape texture paint, track lighting,

tile 1/2 way up the walls,

slate floor so the dogs don't slip....  It's almost done!

I'm jumping the gun...  What else is new.

I couldn't wait to start putting the room back together and decorating for Christmas...

But here's what I've been working on folks :-)

Ended up going with a great raised slate table and high chairs. 

It's all patio furniture so when it's dirty I can take it outside and hose it off. 

I just need to put the shutters back over the swamp cooler.

Halo just wants to help!

Artwork includes,

Eagles at Cascade Mountain on left

and Two Indian Horses by Bev Dolittle on the right.

Lost wax Bronze, called Zebidiah and the Wind.

Complete with Coyote Skull.

This beautiful

8 by 6 Nontypical Whitetail Skull and Rack

found almost completely buried along the South Platte River.

Ptarmigan Taxidermy decked out in Pointsetta's for Christmas!

The entry is flanked by this huge Eagle on the right.

And John Wayne on the left!

From left to right. Halo, Wow and Star watching me eat breakfast. 

December 2nd, 2012. 

It's 60 degrees out in December!

Remington Bronze called Rattlesnake. 

Skull and Ceremonial Dance Stick.

Inset shelves.  Artwork by Bev Dolittle.