Redgates Hallmark Zenyatta




Caught this picture with my cell phone the other day...

My little girl is growing up!


Yaya won Best In Sweepstakes

and her brother

Bravo won Best Opposite Sex In Sweepstakes!

Side by side of  Yaya's mom...

Grand Champion

Redgates All That Glitters


At the same show

on the same podium

With her daughter

Redgates Hallmark Zenyatta


A beaming Breeder ~ Rebecca Galmish of Hallmark Mastiffs

being presenter

for this picture taken at the Peak to Peak Working Dog Show

the first day of Denver...

Ya (on the right) and Brother Bentley (being held by his owner Hal Hearne)

both took Reserves to 5 Point Majors!

Not bad kids.  Not bad at all!

Rocky Mountain Mastiff Fanciers
Regional Specialty

Friday September 21st, 2012
Thank You to the Judge
Ms. Bonnie Blink ~ Specialty

2nd Place Puppy Sweepstakes Winner
1st Place ~ 6-9 Puppy Bitch Winner!

Ruby kids reunion at Greeley Kennel Club in August, 2012.
From left to right.
Tebow owned by Sam and Debbie Walker
flanked by Bravo, myself and YaYa.

Cell phone picture of....
The kids meeting me at the gate...
From left to right.
Josie, Bravo and YaYa.


Shown below ~ YaYa's Parents


Champion Redgates If Looks Could Kill


Grand Champion Redgates All That Glitters

America's 2009 Number 2 Mastiff Bitch and Number 8 Mastiff



Redgates If  Looks Could Kill



Little YaYa aspiring to follow in the footsteps of her Mom, Ruby...