High Park Fire west of Fort Collins

and below

the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.

The High Park Fire June 9th, 2012 ~

Pictured several hours after

I saw a small column of smoke while driving into town.

Several nights later at sunset a shift in the wind

fills the house with thick smoke.

Picture taken the night of June 22nd, 2012

12 days into the fire.  75,000 acres later...


The smoke plume traveling east for at least 100 miles...

From 40+ miles away,

at Redgate the base of the fire some 20 miles across.

June 23rd, 2012

Today, I worked in Fort Collins.

After getting off of work I took a drive up to

the Horsetooth Reservoir with one of my co-worker Martha,

to see what the fire looked like up close and personal...

View of the smoke going up to the Reservoir.

The fire is burning on the west side of the water...

We're getting closer...

Lots of smoke!

We get to the top and look at the south end of the Reservoir.

It's as if nothing is wrong.

It's so strange to see that the Reservoir is still open

to boating, water skiing , etc...

and there were a lot of boats racing up and down the water.

And then you look north.

Another picture from the dam, looking north.

Heading north up over the next ridge.

Climbing the ridge heading north.

Mid Reservoir looking north from the ridge.

Another shot looking north from the ridge.

Lots of boats on the water filled with people having a great time...

More boats heading toward the north end of the Reservoir.

North end.

My co-worker Martha looking

at the North dam of Horsetooth Reservoir.

The ridge is still smoldering...

We spot a small fire on the hill started by falling ash...

Spot fire mid picture.

Lots of smoke with helicopter mid cloud.

zLooking south toward the Reservoir. 

The fire has burnt the fences down and burnt right up to the road.

Several lucky houses spared but

completely surrounded by burned pastures.

One of many lucky homes spared.


Looking south toward the Reservoir,

scorched earth as far as we can see.


The fire rages several hills away.


Horses graze with danger just a couple of hills away....


It's just over there...



xOne of hundreds of Thank You signs,

erected by greatful home owners for fire fighters to see as they

are coming out of the hills.


Close to the town of Bellview...


xWe've gone as far in as they will let us heading west.

The National Guard monitors the canyon entrance...


zUnfortunately, the fire will continue to burn

until we get a good dowsing of rain ~or more realistically~ snow this fall.


As of June 29th, 2012 the fire stands at  87,000 acres and is 85% contained.

It has destroyed 250 + homes.

We had a little rain yesterday, every little bit helps...

Please pray for rain for Colorado!  It's bone dry here...

July 1st, 2012

The High Park Fire is 100% contained!

July 2nd, 2012

One of the Miltary's C-130 heavy tankers

crashed in South Dakota.

Grounding the fleet of 8 heavy tankers helping with the


A devastating blow when they are so desperately needed. 

And then another Wild Fire started

On June 23rd, 2012 the Waldo Canyon Wild Fire

started in Colorado Springs

which has burned down the home of good friend,

Sue Visocchi of Majestik Mastiffs. 

Pictured below, the fire storm of June 26th, 2012

which burned 340+ homes and killing 2 people

in one night...



Photos by Chris Rains via 9News.




xPhoto by Steve Moraco.